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* Required Information
*Project Name:
Project Location: In order to properly evaluate the facility that you are interested in, please include the location of the facility.
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Proposal is Required for:

Immediate Purchase
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Budgeting for Purchase in Future
Evaluation Only
General Interest

Customer Concern: (Check all that Apply):

Inadequate A/C
New Construction Replacement of A/C
Energy Savings / Reduction of Electric Cost
Roof Life Extension
Workers Comfort

Please Tell Us About Your Facility:

Shopping Mall
Distribution Center
Retail Store

Roof Information:

* Required Information
Total Area of the Facility:
* Numbers and Decimals Only (1234567.89)
Total Area Considered to be Sprinkooled:
* Numbers and Decimals Only (1234567.89)

Of this Area, what is the breakdown:
Area A/C:
Area NOT A/C:
Building Dimensions:
       Number of Stories:
Approx. Peak Roof Height:

Roof Construction:

Built-Up Roof
Single Ply or EPDM
Modified Bitumen

   Roof Insulation: 
* Required Information for Evaluation and Proposal:

Type: Thickness (inches): R-Value: (R=1/U):
Fiberglass Batt
Rigid Fiberglass
Expanded Polystyrene

Useful Conversions: #mm x .03937 = #Inches

Utility Information - Water:

Water Source to be Used: Water Costs:
City Water

Well Water
Waste Water (i.e.:Chiller, Processed, etc.)
Estimated Pressure at Ground Level:

If water costs are unknown, please provide the
Water Company and Phone Number:


Utility Information - Electrical (If the Area to be cooled has existing AC):

Rate Schedule:
Cost/kWh (energy charge):
Cost/kW (demand charge):

Note: If rate schedule is complex, such as on-peak, off-peak rates, please include a copy of the rate schedule.

If utility costs are unknown, please provide the
Utility Company, Contact Name and Phone Number:

Present Environment: (Area to be SprinKooled):

If Facility is Air-Conditioned:

Type of A/C:
RT Package Units 
What is the TR (design temp.)?
Can existing A/C units meet TR? Yes No
Age of A/C: Years
Current EER of A/C:   
EER of A/C when New:

If Facility is Not Air-Conditioned:

What Temperature do you normally see during the hottest part of the summer?

Any Additional Comments:

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